CEO - Mr. Omer Laviv



Mr. Laviv is a world-known expert in the Homeland Security world, and one of the developers of the TVRA methodology for Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment. On the cutting edge of the security, intelligence and technology sectors for more than twenty five years, Mr. Laviv has unique expertise in security methodologies, including first-hand knowledge of the technologies, procedures, training and approaches in use and those that are currently being developed worldwide.

Mr. Laviv was appointed CEO of Athena, after holding various Management positions in the company since 2002. He joined Athena following to a successful career in the Israeli Airport Authority Security Division, where he held numerous operational, management and leadership posts, culminating as Ben-Gurion International Airport Security Duty Manager. He is a well-recognized Aviation Security expert and often invited to conferences and events to share his views on topics in the center of HLS, such as Aviation Security, CBRN-E and Intelligence. He was also a member of SAFEE (Security of Aircrafts in the Future European Environment), an EU FP7 funded project, in which capacity he counseled European Union Security Agencies on counter-terrorism and aircraft security. Prior to joining the Israeli Airport Authority, Mr. Laviv spent several years as an officer in the Israeli Navy (Lt. Commander, ret.), where he served in several positions of command, leadership and management.

Mr. Laviv holds a BA in Business Management and an LLB from the Academic Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

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